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young adult

Something Like Gravity (3D Cover)

Something Like Gravity

LGBTQ | First Love | Grief | Dual POV

The Last to Let Go (3D Cover)

The Last to Let Go

Domestic Violence | Loss | F/F Romance

Our Stories, Our Voices (3D Cover)

Our Stories, Our Voices

YA Anthology | Diversity | Activism

The Way I Used to Be (3D Cover)

The Way I Used to Be

#MeToo | Speak Your Truth | Transformation

middle grade

Code Name: Serendipity

Dog Love | Family | Friendship

selected essays

originally on TEEN LIBRARIAN TOOLBOX (06/2019)

Coming Out | Self-Acceptance

originally on BOOKISH.COM (02/2018)

Grief | Loss | Family

originally on BREECROWDER.COM (02/2018)

Reading | Writing

originally on GERM MAGAZINE (03/2016)

Healing | Creativity

other writing

art history | culture | biography

Amber’s love of story has taken her down many different paths in life, not only as a writer, but first, as an artist. She earned her BFA in Painting and then went on to earn a master’s degree in Art History. With a passion for uncovering the work and lives of visual artists, she entered into decade-long career in the art and museum world, where she began to find her voice in the written word – these are some of the stories that inspired her to begin tell her own.

Bearing Witness: The New York Photo League and Sonia Handelman Meyer

Social Justice | Documentary Photography


Sophisticated Surfaces: The Pottery of Herb Cohen

North Carolina History | Pottery | Sculpture | Decorative Arts


Romare Bearden: Southern Recollections

Collage | Retrospective | Modern Art | The South


Ode to Michael Goldberg: Selective Thievery

Abstract Expressionism | “New York School” | Painting


Upping the Anti: Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore

French Surrealism | Gender | Photography | Collaboration


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Something Like Gravity (Italy)
The Way I Used to Be (Russia)
The Way I Used to Be (Indonesia)
The Way I Used to Be (Korea)
The Way I Used to Be (Poland)
The Way I Used to Be (Turkey)
The Way I Used to Be (Romania)
Forthcoming Editions (China & Brazil)